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As we’ve mentioned, we have high standards. Most books don’t live up, and this is reflected in our reviews. We don’t hold our punches. If we don’t like a book, we’ll tell you why, usually in great detail. Despite our tendency toward brutal honesty, we do try to be fair.

We review novels, anthologies, short stories, essays, and nonfiction of any length. We will consider almost any fiction genre, but our favorites are contemporary, fantasy, historical, LGBTQ, mystery, romance, science fiction, and young adult. For non-fiction, we read mostly social science, humanities, and criticism.

In general, Kristen reads:

  • Fantasy – especially magical realism
  • Historical Fiction
  • Romance
  • Religion – particular Jewish Emphasis
  • Women’s Studies

In general, Julie reads:

  • Contemporary
  • LGBTQ – any sub-genre
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction – especially steampunk and dystopian
  • Cross-genre amalgams – yes, please
  • Non-fiction – anthropology, sociology, philosophy

We have no formal content restrictions. As long as it fits the genre list, send us anything. Descriptions of illegal and/or morally repugnant acts are fine, as is erotic content within context.

If you would like to submit a title for review, please note that you will be required to provide us a free copy for review. Email us at with the following information: title, author, publisher, genre, blurb, cover image, and buy link. Please use “Review Request: [Book Title]” in the subject line. If you are sending us an ebook, attach the file (EPUB or PDF). If you would like to send a print book, indicate this, and we will reply with a mailing address if we are interested. You may request that either Julie or Kristen review the book, but ultimately, we will use our discretion. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every review request we receive.


We are not compensated for any of our reviews. At this point, we purchase most of the books we review. We receive some from authors and publishers; when we review these books, we indicate this on the review page.


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